Industrial & Chemical

Industrial & Chemical Cleaning Services

  • Chemical Cleaning Consultation
  • Scale Matrix Determination
  • Pre-cleaning Inspections & Evaluation
  • Internal Boiler Inspection
  • Post Cleaning Inspection & Evaluations

Technically Advanced. Safer. Cost Effective. The need to clean your industrial equipment can be disruptive to your business and any interruptions or delays can severely affect your bottom line. At GTSA we utilise technically advanced, cost-effective chemical cleaning solutions to quickly and efficiently dissolve and breakdown contaminants inside your piping, cooling water systems, boilers, tanks and reactors.

Also known as chemical decontamination, chemical cleaning is the application of chemicals to dissolve, breakdown or alter deposits, scales and sludge by exploiting chemical properties and reactions for the purpose of dissolution. Chemical cleaning can reduce cleaning time by as much as 90% and generates higher levels of cleanliness compared to mechanical methods, simultaneously reducing the waste generated as part of the cleaning process.

Our highly qualified team of experts use various chemicals to remove unwanted deposits that adversely affect the performance of equipment and the production process. Boiler chemical cleaning is a core compentency for our chemical cleaning division.